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The training below applies if you are using Xactimate 27, 28, X1, or Xactimate Online. This is basic Xactiamte training that will get you through most simple claim situations in order to get a basic understanding of how Xactiamte works. You can simply download a demo version of the program from Xactware.com (https://www.xactware.com/store/PRODUCTS/Xactimate/Free-Demo/Xactimate-Demo/2-470.do)

Most large carriers are still using Xactimate 28 on company devices while independent field adjusters may be more at liberty to choose the platform they use to write claims. X1 is the latest version of Xactimate and the interface remains mostly the same except for a skin around the outside of the program that offers links to cloud preferences, tools, and help. It’ clear that Xactimate doesn’t want to confuse or slow down its userbase with any drastic UI improvements. Something its users will appreciate. X1 will remove local files that are stored on the device from a previous install so be sure to back up all of your .ESX files prior to upgrading from Xactimate 28.

Learn the basics of an interior sketch in Xactimate


Learn the basics of a roof sketch in Xactimate.


Create an estimate from start to finish in Xactimate


Create a Flood Claim in Xactimate

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