List of Independent Adjuster Firms

Below is a list of adjuster firms that we have compiled. There are more firms than just the ones we listed below so it’s a good idea to research additional ones as well. We recommend having your home state license and at least a State Farm Auto and/or Property + Estimatics certification, AllState Certification, USAA Certification and some Xactimate / Symbility training.

You also should obtain reciprocal licenses for the Gulf states, Carolinas, Georgia and hail states like MN, OK, AR and NM. If you are really motivated you should also consider obtaining a New York license as well. A NY license takes moderate effort to obtain and will set you apart from other applicants.

Lastly you will need patience. You will be well qualified for a new adjuster if you complete all of steps mentioned above but don’t expect a call until a major event such as a Category 3 or above hurricane making landfall in a heavily populated area.

Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc.www.pilotcat.com
Eberl Claims Servicewww.eberls.com
E. A. Renfroewww.earenfroe.com
QA Claims www.adjusterportal.com
Abercrombie, Simmons & Gillette, Inc.www.asg-adj.com
Advanced Adjusting LTDwww.advancedadjusting.com
Advanced Claims Concept, Inc.www.acc-claims.com
Allcat Claims Serviceswww.allcatclaims.com
Allied American Adjusting Companywww.alliedamericanusa.com
Alternative Claims Serviceswww.alternativeclaims.com
Apple Adjusters, Inc.www.appleadjusters.com/
Associated Adjusters Networkwww.aanadjusters.com/
Atlantic Claims, Inc.www.atlanticclaims.com/
B&H Claims Services, Inc.www.bhclaims.com/
Bright Claim, Inc.www.brightclaim.com
Brush Country Claims, Ltd.www.bcc-ltd.com
BSA Claims Servicewww.bradleystinson.com
Burton Claims Serviceswww.burtonclaimservice.com
Carolina Claims Services, Inc.www.carolinaclaims.com/
Catastrophe Response Unitwww.cruadjusters.com
CenterPoint Claims Services, Inc.www.centerpointclaims.com
CIS Claim Serviceswww.cisgroup.net
Civil Logisticswww.civil-logistics.com
Claim Consultant Group, LLCwww.claimsconsultantgroup.com
Claims Adjustment Groupwww.claimsadjustmentgroup.com/
Claims Consultantswww.claimsconsultantsllc.com
Clear Point Claimswww.clearpointclaims.com
CNC Catastrophewww.adjustingexpectations.com
Colonial Claims Corporationwww.colonialclaims.com
Compass Adjusting Services, Inc.www.compassadjusters.com
Crawford and Companyus.crawfordandcompany.com
Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc.www.custard.com
Engle Martin & Associates, Inc.www.englemartin.com
Fidelity Claimswww.fidelityclaimsinc.com
Fountain Group Adjusterswww.fgclaims.com
Fourseventy Claim Managementwww.fourseventyclaims.com
G&G Insurance Adjusters, Inc.www.ggadjusters.com
Griston Claim Serviceswww.gristonclaims.com
Global Risk Solutions, Inc.www.globalrisksolutions.com
IAS CatCREWwww.iasclaims.com
Ideal Adjustingwww.idealadjusting.com
IMS Catastrophe Services, Inc.www.imsclaims.com
Inside Adjusters Catastrophe Staffingwww.insideadjusters.com
Insurance Placement Solutions (IPS)www.ipsstaffing.com
Integrity Adjusters, LLCwww.integrityadjusters.com
Leading Edge Claims Serviceswww.leadingedgeclaims.com
Legacy Claims Serviceswww.legacyclaims.net
Mid-America Catastrophe Servicesmidamcat.com
MGD Claim Services, Inc.mgdclaims.org
Mason Claim Serviceswww.masonclaims.com
National Claims Adjustersnclaimsadjusters.com
Nomad Adjusting, LLCnomadadjusting.com
One Call Claimswww.onecallclaims.com
Pacesetter Claims Servicewww.pacesetterclaims.com
Pasco Claims Serviceswww.pascoclaims.com
Primeco Claims Groupwww.primecoclaims.com
Premier Adjusting & Catastrophewww.pasadjust.com
Property Loss Specialistwww.plsclaims.com
Provencher & Companywww.provencherclaims.com
PSS Insurance Staffingwww.pssinsurance.com
Quality Claims Servicewww.qualityclaimsservice.com
S&S Claims Service, Inc.www.ssclaims.com
Schafer, Wood & Associates, Inc.www.schaferwood.com
Straight Line Globalwww.straightlineglobal.com
Strategic Cat Solutionswww.strat-cats.com
Syndicate Claims Serviceswww.syndicateclaims.com
The Best IRSwww.thebestirs.com
Tailored Adjustment Services, Inc.www.independentadjusterstexas.com
Team One Adjustingwww.teamoneclaims.com
The Best IRSwww.thebestirs.com
The Jacobson Groupwww.jacobsononline.comThe Littleton Groupwww.littleton-group.com
TSI Adjusters, Inc.tsiadjusters.com
United Claims Serviceucsadjusters.com
US Adjusting Servicesusadjustingservices.net
Vanguard Adjusters Group, Inc.www.vanguardadjusters.com
Walker Group, Inc.www.wgclaims.com
Wardlaw Claims Servicewww.wardlawclaims.com
Wheeler, DeFusco & Associateswww.wheeler-defusco.com